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Therapeutic Pool

G-FLOAT: The Essential Accessory for Optimal Therapy Pool Sessions

A float for glasses can be incredibly useful for people with disabilities who require prescription glasses during physical therapy treatment in a therapeutic pool. Here's why:

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Floating Eyewear Retainer For Kids

Enjoying Pool Time Safely

Protecting Your Eyes and Glasses with G-FLOAT Introduction: As the summer heat beckons, many of us find solace in the cool, refreshing waters of a swimming pool. Whether it’s a fun-filled family outing or a relaxing dip, pool time is

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G Float Fishing Sunglasses Float

The sport of fishing

Fishing is a popular recreational and competitive sport that involves attempting to catch fish using various fishing techniques and equipment such as rods, reels, hooks, lines, and bait. There are several different styles of fishing, including freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing,

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Kerry Lewis Coaching

SUP The World’s Fastest Growing Water Sport

Stand Up Paddleboard: The World’s Fastest Growing Water Sport

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Floating Glasses Gfloat

The story behind the development of the G FLOAT

Our story began in 2014 when Moshe Roimi lost two pairs of glasses....

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Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat – Much more than rowing

Dragon boat. What makes this water sport so popular?

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Amazon Customer Feedback

The last Customer reviews on Amazon

See what others think about the G-float and its benefits for their water experience

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