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Safeguard your Vision, Seas without Loss.

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Losing glasses during a marine activity is a very common phenomenon that causes financial damage and causes mental anguish. G-float was developed to keep the glasses and prevent them from sinking to the bottom and being lost forever. The float is made of the highest quality materials, is small and light weight and is practically not felt on the face. G-float is very simple to mount on glasses and is suitable for most types of glasses, sunglasses or optical glasses.

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G-Float is a must accessory for anyone dealing in marine activity like boaters. It connects easily to the arms of your eyeglasses, ensuring that if they fall off your face, they afloat on the water surface.

Dragon boat rowing
Dragon boat rowing

Dragon boat rowing

In rowing it is important to maintain the technique and rhythm together with the partners and this requires a lot of concentration. With G FLOAT you will be sure that your favorite glasses will be protected while you move quickly and professionally to the finish line

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

G-Float is a must accessory for anyone dealing in marine activity like SUP. It connects easily to the arms of your eyeglasses, ensuring that if they fall off your face, they afloat on the water surface.

Swimming and fun at pool
Swimming and fun at pool

Swimming and fun at pool

using G-FLOAT to keep glasses from sinking to the bottom of the pool ensures the safety, accessibility, and longevity of your eyewear. It provides convenience, protects against damage, and reduces the risk of accidents or loss while swimming or enjoying time in the pool.



G-Float is a must accessory for anyone dealing in marine activity like kayakers and boaters. It connects easily to the arms of your eyeglasses, ensuring that if they fall off your face, they afloat on the water surface.



If you like fishing in the sea or on a river, you can now stay focused on fishing and be sure that even if your glasses fall in the water, you can easily pick them up and resume your fishing experience.


What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

Lynsey - Scotland
Lynsey - Scotland We love the product and everyone we take out on lessons prefer the float to the bands that keep your glasses attached to your head because they know their glasses are safer if they float.
United States
United States The G Float floating buoy is great!!!!! I have a heavy pair of Sailing Sunglasses that fell off my face when I lost my balance. G Float kept my sunglasses afloat while I was busy getting back on my paddleboard.
Sondre Andersen - Norway
Sondre Andersen - Norway We in SUP Vikings use gfloat when we are on SUP excursions. Then we can focus on enjoying the trip and not worry about our expensive sunglasses :) - Super durable and easy to use !
Janelle Woodruff - U.S.A
Janelle Woodruff - U.S.A I was worried that this would always be annoying to the peripheral vision, but it is barely noticeable. Also lightweight so my sunglasses don't feel lopsided
Q.B. United States
Q.B. United States " I found these babies. It is lightweight and I forgot I was wearing it. Used it all day on the boat, when paddle boarding and when floating in the water." Read more on Amazon...
Emuna - ISRAEL
Emuna - ISRAEL Cool product, I need sunglasses most of the time and it's a perfect solution when I'm at the lake with friends.
Nikos   Crete
Nikos Crete I'm at sea all day in my tourist boat. I see a lot of people lose their glasses during a cruise, it's a great product for them and for me.
B - U.S.A
B - U.S.A We are a lake family and my son who is under 2 has baby glasses. Even though he has the strap, he will throw them from time to time, and has even done so right from the boat. We got this float device in orange and it has made all the difference!!!
Nikki - Canada
Nikki - Canada OMG it saved me 3 times from losing my favorite sunglasses. What I love most about this product is you can wear it with your favorite sunglasses OR your regular eyeglasses.
Costa - Israel
Costa - Israel I need sunglasses in the sun and it's a perfect product for me when I paddle. Thanks
rita canas - U.S.A
rita canas - U.S.A Sunglasses really do float! Great product! It really saves your glasses from sinking!
Devon - U.S.A
Devon - U.S.A As an avid paddleboarder, and a glasses wearer – G FLOAT has saved me plenty of times while practicing new tricks. You can definitely trust on this brand and product!!
C. Ozols - U.S.A
C. Ozols - U.S.A Perfect! No more worries about my prescription sunglasses going to the bottom of the lake!
Lydia - UK
Lydia - UK They are awesome thank you so much. I have given details to everyone I know who could benefit from them!
United States
United States This is great!! I bought it so I can wear my prescription glasses while paddleboarding. I haven't fallen off my board yet but I know if it when I do, my glasses will float. Read more on Amazon...
Mariana - Spain
Mariana - Spain We are getting ready for our new adventure and we try this invention and it’s amazing I will not lose more sunglasses, thank you
Deborah  - United States
Deborah - United States Great product! All the around the head ones were very uncomfortable and cumbersome. This fits on my glasses without interfering with anything. Totally worth it.
Ben - UK
Ben - UK No longer having to worry about losing my sunglasses in the sea.
United States
United States No strings hanging on the back of my head getting in the way of my life jacket when I went kayaking the other day.
A VERY Satisfied customer.
A VERY Satisfied customer. The floating bouy is durable, easy to fit on large and thin frame glasses, and easy to spot on the water I highly recommend the G Float Floating buoy for any watersport activity. Read more on Amazon...
kendra - U.S.A
kendra - U.S.A Love our gfloats!! I ordered 5 and they were so worth it. The ocean waves would take our glasses off but we always found them thanks to G Float!!! Read more on Amazon...
Amanda - U.S.A
Amanda - U.S.A These are wonderful! We’ve lost sunglasses in the lake more time than I want to admit. These are perfect! Light and not cumbersome at all! Don’t even notice it!
Matthew - U.S.A
Matthew - U.S.A It's awesome. it is easy to install, doesn't slip and you can barely feel that it is even there. VERY cool device. well worth the price!
Juan Carlos-U.S.A
Juan Carlos-U.S.A I'm done with the inconvenience of something touching my neck. Amazon Feedback
Sunfun - U.S.A
Sunfun - U.S.A Much easier to take off this float than around the neck styles. Like this float so much that I'll be ordering more so we never again have a very expensive pair of prescription glasses laying somewhere on the bottom of the lake!!
JG They float and I don’t have extra crap hanging around my neck outdoors!!
Claudia-U.S.A It works as described, I like it better than the ones that go around your neck.
Our Values

Our Values

  • Usefulness


    We believe in adding significant value to humanity through products that make life easier and thus in fact they also affect the feeling of happiness.

  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    Humane and social responsibility This product is manufactured in a process that does not include hazardous substances, executed by employees who like their jobs under respectable work conditions and who are not exploited in any manner whatsoever.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Environmental Responsibility

    At any moment glasses are lost and sink to the bottom of the sea and they are there for years. Together we will change this so that we can enjoy the spectacular and amazing nature that the sea gives us and the rest of the animals

  • Innovation


    Innovation accompanies us in everything we do. In thinking about the products, the production process, the marketing and the relationship we cultivate with our business partners and customers.

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