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Protection of Prescription Glasses: Prescription glasses are essential for individuals with visual impairments or specific eye conditions. However, wearing glasses during physical therapy sessions in the water can pose a risk of damage or loss. A float for glasses provides an additional layer of protection, keeping the glasses afloat and preventing them from sinking or getting damaged in the pool.

Maintaining Visual Clarity: Clear vision is crucial during physical therapy sessions, as it allows individuals to follow instructions, see their surroundings, and perform exercises accurately. By using a float for glasses, people with disabilities can ensure that their prescription glasses stay securely in place, maintaining optimal visual clarity throughout the therapy session.

Increased Safety and Independence: When engaging in physical therapy activities in a therapeutic pool, individuals with disabilities often need to focus on their movements, balance, and coordination. A float for glasses eliminates the worry of losing or damaging their glasses, enabling them to concentrate on their therapy exercises with greater safety and independence. They can fully immerse themselves in the activities without the fear of their glasses falling off or being compromised.

Convenience and Comfort: A well-designed float for glasses is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and minimally intrusive. It should provide a secure fit without causing discomfort or obstructing the user’s view. This ensures that individuals with disabilities can wear their glasses comfortably throughout their therapy session, enabling them to fully participate without any hindrance or distraction.

Cost Savings: Prescription glasses can be expensive, especially if they are lost or damaged. By using a float for glasses, people with disabilities can avoid the financial burden of replacing their glasses due to accidents in the water. This cost-saving benefit is particularly significant for individuals who rely on their prescription glasses for daily activities but also need them during physical therapy sessions in the therapeutic pool.

Overall, a float for glasses offers practical advantages for individuals with disabilities who require prescription glasses during physical therapy treatment in a therapeutic pool. It ensures the protection, clarity, safety, independence, convenience, and cost savings that contribute to a more effective and enjoyable therapy experience.

Protecting Your Eyes and Glasses with G-FLOAT


As the summer heat beckons, many of us find solace in the cool, refreshing waters of a swimming pool. Whether it’s a fun-filled family outing or a relaxing dip, pool time is a cherished activity. However, amidst the enjoyment, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays, especially when it comes to our eyes. Furthermore, for eyeglass wearers, ensuring the safety and preservation of our glasses can be a challenge. That’s where G-FLOAT comes into play – a dedicated float that prevents glasses from sinking and protects them from damage and loss.

The Importance of Sun Protection:

Spending time in the pool often means being exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to various eye conditions, including cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis (sunburn of the eye). Protecting your eyes from these harmful rays is essential to maintain long-term eye health.

Investing in quality sunglasses with UV protection is crucial. Look for sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from both UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, opt for sunglasses with a wraparound design or large lenses to provide better coverage and minimize peripheral UV exposure.

Eye Protection for Children:

When it comes to pool time, it’s particularly important to ensure the eye safety of children. Children have more transparent lenses, allowing more UV radiation to reach their retinas. This makes their eyes more susceptible to sun damage. Additionally, kids are often less aware of the potential risks and may be less likely to protect their eyes.

To safeguard your child’s eyes, provide them with sunglasses specifically designed for children. Look for sunglasses that are impact-resistant, lightweight, and comfortable. Choose pairs that have an adjustable strap to keep them securely in place, preventing accidental loss or damage.

The Role of G-FLOAT:

For eyeglass wearers, the concern for protecting glasses in the pool is a valid one. Accidental splashes, diving, or playful water activities can result in glasses slipping off your face and sinking to the bottom of the pool. Retrieving them can be inconvenient and may even lead to damage or loss. To address this concern, G-FLOAT offers an innovative solution. This dedicated float is designed to prevent glasses from sinking when they fall from your face, ensuring they remain afloat on the water’s surface. The G-FLOAT’s buoyant and lightweight design keeps your glasses safe while you enjoy your time in the pool.

Not only does G-FLOAT protect your glasses from sinking, but it also shields them from potential damage and loss. With your glasses secured on the float, you can swim, dive, or play without worrying about their safety. The peace of mind provided by G-FLOAT allows you to fully enjoy your pool time without the fear of damaging or losing your glasses.


As we indulge in pool time this summer, let’s prioritize the safety and well-being of our eyes. Shielding ourselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays is paramount. Furthermore, for eyeglass wearers, protecting our glasses from damage and loss is equally important.

G-FLOAT, the dedicated float designed to prevent glasses from sinking, offers the perfect solution. With G-FLOAT, you can relax and enjoy your time in the pool without worrying about the safety of your glasses. Whether you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, G-FLOAT is a must-have accessory that ensures the longevity and protection of your eyewear.

So, dive into the pool, embrace the summer, and make the most of your pool time, all while safeguarding your eyes and your glasses with G-FLOAT.

Fishing is a popular recreational and competitive sport that involves attempting to catch fish using various fishing techniques and equipment such as rods, reels, hooks, lines, and bait. There are several different styles of fishing, including freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, fly fishing, and ice fishing, among others. Some common species of fish that are sought after include bass, trout, salmon, catfish, and many others. Fishing can be done from the shore, from a boat, or from a pier, and can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family. Some people fish for sport, while others fish for food or as a source of livelihood. Regardless of the reason, fishing is a popular activity that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Stand Up Paddleboard: The World’s Fastest Growing Water Sport


Rowing on a SUP is a water sport that in recent years has become increasingly popular and familiar on almost any beach or lake, for several reasons: One reason this marine sport—rowing a SUP—has captured the hearts of so many, both young and older, is the simplicity of the experience and the relatively quick success in propelling the board and moving forward with it at one’s own pace and style of rowing.

Rowing on a board is not new; rather, it has been known for hundreds of years. Rowing standing up on a modern board as we know it burst onto the world stage only in 2010, and since then is considered the fastest-growing marine sport.


One of SUP rowing’s main characteristics is the use of one paddle, the spoon on one end and the handle on the other, unlike a canoe or kayak in which there is a spoon on either side, and the paddle is held in the middle.

Sup ArticleThere is a variety of styles and uses of SUP rowing, which may be divided into two main categories: A recreational and hobby sport, and a professional competitive sport. One of the main characteristics of marine sports is the option, within a relatively short period of time, to advance from the recreational to the professional level.

Types of paddleboards and rowing styles

Paddleboard types are divided into three main groups: Fast rowing for long distances, wave surfing, and general rowing. Each category includes a wide range of boards, suited to the rower’s weight.

Among the various types can be found paddleboards made from rigid yet lightweight materials such as carbon, as well as inflatable paddleboards. Each type has it own advantages and characteristics, and that is the beauty of it – each may choose the one that suits him. In general, it may be said that inflatable paddleboards are easily transported from place to place in a car or backpack; thus, the hobby may be enjoyed anywhere there is water and the possibility to row and do this with a familiar, personal board. Rigid paddleboards have the distinct advantage of low friction with the water, and are therefore faster, enable smoother, more precise maneuvering, which is very important and relevant to whoever wants to catch waves or participate in long-distance rowing competitions.

Now, anyone interested in SUP rowing has a wide range of options to pursue it near his place of residence. Almost every marine sport club offers the option of renting a stand-up paddleboard by the hour, and whoever wants to buy one can find them at the major sporting goods chains, and at a variety of other stores easily found online.


In the paddleboard market there are many different manufacturers, including old well-known companies such as: Red Paddle Co, BIC, iRocker, Starboard, Fanatic, Mistral, Focus, Shark, NSP, and more – all with a presence in many countries around the world, with thousands of sales points through regional and local distributors. In recent years, and in wake of the sport’s rapid development, the manufacturing industry currently, as of 2022, includes hundreds of manufacturers such as California Board Co (USA) or Bluefin SUP (UK) that specialize in the manufacture of inflatable paddleboards.


Prices of SUPs vary from several hundreds of dollars for recreational inflatable models to thousands of dollars for SUPs considered professional, designed for competitive athletes.


SUP competitions are held by the International Surfing Association (ISA). In 2012 the first SUP competition was held, in which representatives from many different countries competed for a Gold Medal. Since then, each year, the event is held in a different country. Alongside the main event, sponsored by the ISA, hundreds of local events are held, for both amateurs and professionals, citizens of the host country, some of which are considered international events for representatives from a variety of countries. One example of such an event is the SUP 11-City Tour – considered a significant SUP rowing event, held each year in the Netherlands, covering a 220 km route, for five consecutive days.

This is the place to say that G-float was made for the rowing sport. Since part of the rowing experience, especially at the initial learning stages, involves falling into water, protection of glasses is essential in order not to lose them. Indeed, over the years, SUP rowers as well as other sea goers avoided going out to the water with glasses due to lack of convenient, effective protection. G-float give SUP rowers the freedom to enjoy the rowing sport without giving up their glasses, which means they can continue to protect their eyes from the sun or use prescription glasses with complete confidence that if they fall off their face into the water, they will not sink but rather stay afloat. G-float is considered by many to be a real game changer!

Flotador Para Copas
Flotador Para Copas

G-float was born from a passion to give sea lovers freedom from worrying about glasses. We’re proud that G-float been chosen by rowers globally and that from our humble beginnings we’ve become world’s brand. We hope you will love the G-float as much as we do!

Our story began in 2014 when Moshe Roimi lost two pairs of glasses during a normal day at the beach with his small children. One wave knocked the glasses off his face and in a second they disappeared in the water. This happened twice on two separate occasions. Beyond the significant financial loss (about 500 dollars), it’s no fun coming back home without the glasses you like and have become accustomed to. From that moment on, Moshe realized that this a very common problem, and sought a solution. All of the existing solutions were insufficient – some large and cumbersome, others simply did not float the glasses, and some even damaged them. In 2018, the vision was crystallized, how to change the way people wear glasses during marine activity, in order that this phenomenon of losing glasses would become a thing of the past.

After a long period of research and development, and with the help of a dedicated team, we arrived at the desired result – a floating accessory made from soft, user-friendly material, very light and with especially high floatability. We believe in simplicity; therefore, we made sure that the float’s connection to the glasses will be quick and easy. We also made sure it will not be felt on your face, but also big enough to be easily spotted in the water when needed.

G-float is made in Israel by Foamotive Ltd, a world-renowned company specializing in foam parts for the automotive industry, manufactured with a unique technology. Among the company’s customers are major auto brands such as Bentley, Lamborghini, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, airlines and shipping companies, defense industries, as well as other industries from a wide range of areas. In addition to its main facility in Israel, Foamotive has manufacturing plants in Mexico and Romania, which enable quick production and delivery to European countries and the USA.

Our team currently number about ten employees. All of us are proud to be part of a revolution ensuring that the smile will remain on people’s faces during marine activity, even with sunglasses or eyeglasses. It is important to us as a company to give people with disabilities an opportunity for employment. Therefore, our packaging processes are run by an organization that is a home for people with mental and physical challenges. This is a great privilege to us, to give people employment and see the joy on their faces when busy packing our products.

G-float has become a good friend of both professional and amateur rowing teams. Some have found rowing to be an opportunity for personal empowerment while coping with health challenges. To learn more about the technology behind the GFLOAT – Click here.

We are proud of our G-float product which has, within a short time, reached the awareness of thousands of sea enthusiasts who love our float, and have recommended it to their friends as well. Professional customers too have discovered the great value it offers their customers, sparing them from anguish and frustration, and keeping them joyful and happy while pursuing marine activity.

For thousands of years, sailing in dragon boats has been associated with Chinese tradition and culture. At the bow of each boat there is a dragon’s head, and dragon’s tails at the stern. Each boat seats 20 rowers, 10 on each side, with wooden oars symbolizing the dragon’s legs. In addition, each boat has a both a drummer and a person in charge of the rudders. In general, the rowing is for distances of 200, 500 or 1,000 meters but also greater distances on traditional festivals.

Sailing in dragon boats is unionized under the auspices of the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) established in 1991. Since then, the organization has seen rapid development. At present, 33 years after the first international festival held in 1976 in Hong Kong, there are more than 50 million registered members in China, 300 thousand in Europe, 90 thousand in the USA and Canada, as well as thousands in Australia, New Zealand and various countries in the Middle East.

Dragon Israel Club
Dragon Israel Club

Dragon boat racing is divided into two different categories: a competition race and festival races. Competition races at events organized by IDBF or its European and Asian counterparts EDBF and ADBF are carried out by professional international teams. Alongside the competitive area are also championships and recreation events for whoever wants to enjoy what this unique sport has to offer. One of the things that make dragon boat racing so popular is the fact that a team of rowers can become competitive very quickly, without its members having had any prior knowledge of the sport itself or any other type of rowing for that matter.

Many teams that take part in these recreational events come from community teams, teams of commercial companies or organizations, and dragon boat sailing is a great way of creating greater group cohesiveness, which strengthens the team spirit.

Sailing in dragon boats is a relatively new area of marine sports in the Western World; however, it is generally agreed that it has a bright future. As of the year 2022, it is the fastest growing water sport, and has a very good chance of becoming an Olympic sport in the near future. One of the advantages of this unique water sport is the fact that it is a recreational activity that anyone can take part in according to his or her own individual level, goals, and physical fitness. This is what makes this rowing sport so special.

In rowing it is important to maintain good technique and keep in rhythm with your partners, and this requires keen concentration. With G-Float you can be sure your favorite glasses are protected while moving rapidly and professionally towards the finish line.

We at GFLOAT are proud of the privilege of allowing the dragon boat rowing community to engage in marine activities with glasses without worrying about them. Contact us for a special offer for you.

Dragon Paddling Glasses Float 1500
Dragon rowers use G float at a festival event
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September 28, 2022
September 9, 2022
Works as described
August 21, 2022
Works as expected
August 7, 2022
No more lost glasses.
I am an avid SUPer, these small floaties fit on the bow of my glasses. If I go fo a dunk and my expensive glasses come off, this little gadget allows them to float so I can retrieve. Sorta of a PFD for your shades. Well worth the purchase. Many colors to choose also
July 20, 2022
Love It
This keeps our glasses afloat. Before wearing it to the lake, we threw the glasses into a tub of water to make sure it keeps them floating on the surface. It does the job but I’m glad I ordered the bright yellow because the glasses float with the one ear piece and float being flat on top of the water. The bright yellow makes it easier to spot. I was concerned that the float would limit my field of vision but it does not. Much easier to take off this float than around the neck styles that fit so snugly on the ear pieces that I’m afraid I’ll break my glasses trying to remove it. Like this float so much that I’ll be ordering more so we never again have a very expensive pair of prescription glasses laying somewhere on the bottom of the lake!!
July 20, 2022
Works for hats too
I lost a hat in the water. It floated for a bit on its own, and I knew exactly where it was, but it was grey and impossible to spot in the water. This small, lightweight, orange float is perfect.
Float For Hat
Float For Hat
July 12, 2022
Perfect for my Rx sunglasses
They float and I don’t have extra crap hanging around my neck outdoors!!
July 11, 2022
Goggle float
We use these on our kids goggles at the lake. It’s 23 feet down and too dark to see much at the bottom, so we learned after losing a couple pairs that we needed a float! These slip on easy and work great! The kids were worried they’d be annoying to swim with but after their first try they realized they didn’t even notice.


July 9, 2022
Prescription sunglasses
Worked like a charm. I didn’t know it was hanging there!!
June 17, 2022
Great alternative to “around the neck” options
Works as expected
May 23, 2022
Good floating
April 14, 2022
November 7, 2021
No strings attached
Love the option you can wear your shades without the lanyard. It’s super comfy you don’t notice it on the there.
October 30, 2021
 A must have
If you value you’re glasses, make sure to have a pair of these. I would recommend the bright colors over the black though, since it’s easier to spot in floating.
October 20, 2021
Works great!
After losing a very expensive pair of prescription glasses in the lake this summer while boating I purchased these for the whole family. They worked great. My daughter and I did practice runs in the sink before using them on the lake and they worked. Used these for swimming in the ocean also this summer and had no problems retrieving our sunglasses.
September 27, 2021
these are light weight and easy to use
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