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Pink G Float
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G FLOAT floating eyewear retainer – Pink

  • SAVE YOUR SUNGLASSES – Enjoy your favorite watersports without the extra worry. Make sure your expensive prescription eyewear never sinks with your maximum-buoyancy floating sunglass attachment from G-Float!
  • SLEEK, SLIM SHAPE – Have fun in the sun without the extra bulk. Unlike an unwieldy sunglasses strap, your lightweight G-Float! fastens directly onto your glasses’ frames. You’ll forget it’s even there!
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Experience effortless protection without causing damage or changing the fit. Simply slide the rubber bands of your sunglass buoy over the frames, and you’re ready to splish and splash.
  • UNSINKABLE RELIABILITY – Your eyeglass strap buoy will never get lost at sea. Feel at ease with a patented design and waterproof, foam material that dries quickly without leaving behind any odors.
  • COMPLETE COLOR CABANA – Choose from 8 vibrant colors to match your style! Coordinate your sunglasses retainer floater with your swimsuit, boat accessories, or even your stand-up paddleboard.

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